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There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer to make this day a success! Whether you want to help individually or you want to bring a group, we can use your help! Volunteer slots will be in 1 hour increments, but you can sign up for as long as you want! Please fill out the form below to register to volunteer at this event. When you arrive at the park on the day of the event, please report to the volunteer coordinator 15 minutes before your shift begins to receive further instructions and any equipment you may need. The volunteer coordinator will be located between Field #5 and Field #6. Volunteers are encouraged to wear clothes representing their organization so that everyone knows who is helping us out!

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Parking Lot Management2020-11-02T20:45:16+00:00

Guide attendees into the park and to open parking spots and ensure safety of pedestrians crossing or walking near roadways.


Assist Houston Police Department maintaining safety and security throughout the event at their direction.

Event Registration2020-11-02T20:46:23+00:00

Verify participant registration and ensure they have what they need to participate in the events; assist those who did not pre-register to get signed up.

Note: Must register for 9:00am and/or 1:00pm slots at a minimum.

Pitch Hit & Run Coaches2020-11-02T20:46:54+00:00
  • General: Get participants where they need to be when they need to be there
  • Pitch: Score pitch tries and retrieve balls back to the pitchers mound
  • Hit: Mark and measure hit distances and retrieve balls back to home plate
  • Run: Time participants run from second base to home plate ensuring they touch all 3 bases

Note: Must register for a morning time slot at a minimum

Jr. Home Run Derby Coaches2020-11-02T20:47:24+00:00
  • Get participants where they need to be when they need to be there
  • Operate pitching machine from behind an ā€œLā€ screen
  • Observe qualifying home runs from the outfield (i.e. Fair hit, over the fence) and mark their distance if required
  • Retrieve balls from the infield and outfield back to the pitchers mound after each batter
  • Inspect bats prior to use to ensure safety of participants and volunteers and fairness of the competition
  • Move fencing between age group competitions

Note: Must register for an afternoon time slot at a minimum

Silent Auction and Raffle2020-11-02T20:48:02+00:00
  • Sell raffle tickets, collect money and make change
  • Ensure auction and raffle items are not tampered with or stolen
  • Assist participants in placing bids on silent auction items
Games and Activities2020-11-02T20:48:27+00:00
  • Sell bracelets, collect money and make change
  • Ensure participants have a bracelet before participating
  • Ensure the games and activities are carried out safely
Food Area2020-11-02T20:49:13+00:00
  • Keep area clean and free of litter by directing attendees to garbage cans
  • Empty garbage cans as required
Set Up2020-11-02T20:49:44+00:00
  • Place required equipment around the park prior to event start
    • Inflatables, games, tables, garbage cans, pitching machines, fencing, etc.
  • Direct and assist food vendors in their areas

Note: Must register for an 8:00am time slot at a minimum

Clean Up2020-11-02T20:50:17+00:00
  • Ensure the park is in the same or better condition than when we arrived
    • Pick up litter, empty garbage cans, rake bases, remove and store equipment

Note: Must register for a 4:00pm time slot at a minimum

First Aid2020-11-02T20:50:59+00:00

Assist designated medical tent personnel at their discretion administering first aid as needed. Current or former medical professionals strongly preferred.

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