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Boys and Girls | Ages 4 – 14 (See Age Groups) | Cost: FREE

Registration Instructions

Please read the following carefully before proceeding.

Register your children by using the appropriate registration links below. You must register for the age group based on your child’s age on July 17, 2021. For example, if your child is 6 on the day of the event, but turns 7 on or before July 17, 2021, you must register them as a 7 year old.

You must complete a separate registration for each event your child will participate in. If your child will participate in the Pitch, Hit & Run and also participate in the Jr. Home Run Derby, you must complete two registrations.

All leagues, select teams and individuals are invited! You do not need to be registered at KWFCAYB to participate in this fun event!

Use the registration links below to register for the appropriate events.

Age bracket based on participant age on July 17, 2021 – no exceptions*.

MLB Events

Pitch, Hit & Run

Participants Ages 7 – 14

Register for MLB Pitch, Hit & Run (7-14 years)

Jr. Home Run Derby

Participants Ages 14 and Under

Register for MLB Jr. Home Run Derby (14U & 12U)

Non MLB Events

Pitch Hit & Run

Participants Ages 4 – 6**

Register for Pitch, Hit & Run (Ages 4-6)

Home Run Derby

Participants Ages 10 and Under**

Register for Home Run Derby (10 & Under)

* A copy or photo of the participants birth certificate will be required for MLB events. 

** Participants in the PH&R 6U and JrHRD 10U age groups are not eligible to advance to MLB regional competitions.