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What is MLB® Pitch Hit and Run™?

Pitch Hit & Run™ (PHR) is the official skills competition of Major League Baseball® and is free to all participants. Anyone aged 4-14 may participate regardless of league or team affiliation. Participants may choose to compete in either Baseball or Softball. Competitors in the 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 age groups have the opportunity to advance* through three levels of competition: Local Championships, Team Championships and the National Finals. National Finalists will receive an all-expense paid trip for two (participant and parent/legal guardian) to MLB All-Star Week in Atlanta, GA. Competitors 6 and under as of July 17, 2021 will be able to participate in the Local Championship, but are not eligible to advance to other levels of competition. You can find out more about the program at

All leagues, select teams and individuals are invited! You do not need to be registered at KWFCAYB to participate in this fun event!

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The Pitch

Baseball – participants will have 6 pitches to hit a standard MLB® “Strike Zone” target with a standard baseball from a distance of 45 feet. Pitches will be delivered from flat ground and the participant must be in contact with the rubber when the pitch is delivered, just like a regulation pitch.

Softball – participants will have 6 pitches to hit a standard MLB® “Strike Zone” target from a distance of 35 feet. Participants in the 7/8 and 9/10 softball divisions will use an 11-inch softball, while participants in the 11/12 and 13/14 softball divisions will use a 12-inch softball. Participants must start on the pitchers’ rubber just like a regulation pitch.

Any pitch that hits any portion of the “Strike Zone” target will be awarded 75 points.

The Hit

Power and accuracy: the marks of the best hitters of all time. Come and show us what you’ve got! Hitters will have 3 opportunities to hit the ball off of a tee as far and as straight as they can. The carry distance (in the air) of the hit will be marked and the distance to the left or right of the center line will be subtracted for total distance. Any swing and a miss counts as an opportunity, so keep your eye on the ball! Only legal baseball swings will be permitted, so no running starts Happy Gilmore!

Baseball competitors will use a regulation baseball. Softball competitors in the 7/8 and 9/10 softball division will compete with an 11-inch softball; those in the 11/12 and 13/14 softball division will compete with a 12-inch softball. Bats may be provided, however participants are encouraged to bring their own.

The Run

Bottom of the ninth. 2 outs. You’re on second. Tie game. Are you fast enough to walk it off for your team? There’s a line shot to the outfield! Here’s your chance!

All participants in all divisions will run 120 feet from second base with the green light from their third base coach to take it to the house. Timing will start when the coach says “GO!” and stop when the participant touches home. Runners MUST touch 3rd base and there is no lead-off from second. Fast times = high scores, so no jogging!

Age Groups and Eligibility

Participant’s age is determined as of July 17, 2021. Example: if your child is 6 during the competition but turns 7 on or before July 17, 2021, they will compete as a 7 year old. All participants 7 and older must register online with MLB® to participate and proof of participant age will be required.

All participants will compete in 1 of 5 age groups: 4-6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 based on the participants age on July 17, 2021. Participants must choose either baseball or softball division and complete the entire competition in that division. All Local Championship division winners will be recognized, and division winners for each age group, except 4-6, may have the opportunity to advance* to the Team Championships.

* Local Champions are NOT guaranteed advancement. Scores will be submitted to MLB and compared to other area Local Champions. PHR Headquarters will notify Champions of advancement to the Team Championships.

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Date: February 27, 2021
Start Time: 9:30 am
Location: Deer Ridge Park, Field #5 & #6
Address: 2239 Hundred Oak Cir, Kingwood, TX 77339
Cost: FREE